Innovative Training
for VET Digital Readiness

Within the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the activity of the VET sector was severely disrupted, even worse than other
education sectors (e.g. general education), and the needs in terms of upgrading digital competences of all stakeholders
were more obvious than ever. 

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According to a study carried out in 36 countries in May 2020 by the EC, ‘a majority of respondents call for support to develop simulation environments/virtual reality for VET specific learning content to train the specific practical sectoral skills.’ and ‘there are few cases of online vocational specific material.’ Although OERs on
VET topics do exist, they are not all the time adapted to the specific needs of each learner. INTRAVET aims to support teachers of technical disciplines are able to develop and adapt their own training materials, their digital competences are addressed, not only general competences (there are many such trainings available already, various initiatives carried out by public or private actors), but very specific competences and skills they are missing as resulting
from various studies.

VET Organizations

INTRAVET aims to increase the capacity of the participating organizations to respond the training needs of their target groups and provide them free VET specific learning resources.

VET Professionals

Support VET professionals to develop their digital
competences, especially in terms of content creation, high quality delivery, ensuring learning engagement

VET Students

Better learning experiences and engagement for VET students within the context of digitalization.


The project titled brings together 6 partners from 4 countries (Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania), active in the field of VET and training providers for VET professionals and VET managers - 3 NGOs, 2 SMEs, 1 VET provider.

Project Partners:

 Asociatia pentru dezvoltare durabila in educatie, Romania (Lead Partner)
 IAL Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy
Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires IHF, Belgium
Fundacja Circle, Poland
Italian Development Partners, Italy
Malgrande Solutions, Romania 


Project Results

• Better awareness among VET providers, companies and other relevant actors concerning the importance of VET digitalization measures and their complementarity with digitalization and staff training
• Better quality digital teaching and learning experiences for VET students and VET staff, along with increased financial effectiveness
• Increased ownership of digitalization within VET institutions and more staff/VET professionals involved within the digitalization process
• More effective use of the already existing European tools and opportunities
• Better links and a more integrated approach of international activities, strategic development and staff training 

R1 VET Digital Readiness Toolkit
and INTRAVET Network/online community

Interactive e-platform addressed to 
professionals (teachers, trainers, tutors) aiming to develop their
internationalization ICT practical skills, VET providers (schools,
training centers), VET students, companies dealing with VET
students/apprentices, other organizations active in the field of

R2 - Digital Competence Training for VET Teachers & Trainers

This course aims filling the gap in terms of digital skills, by directly involving teachers of technical discipline and providing them with knowledge, examples and good practices.


Associated VET Partners - Members of INTRAVET Community


VET professionals trained, out of which 30 VET organization managers


VET students involved in pilot testing


Platform Users




Jan 2022

INTRAVET Project Started

The INTRAVET Project has started on the 1st of January 2022 and its end is on 31st December 2023.

INTRAVET is tailored to the specific needs of selected target groups:
1. VET managers, who need to improve their competences in strategic development and ability to support staff and learners
2. VET teachers/trainers/instructors, who need to improve their ability to deliver high quality classes in online format
3. VET providers/schools, which need to improve their capacity to offer better trainings and minimize the negative impact of the restrictions 

Feb 2022

Online Kick-off Meeting

On February 28th, INTRAVET Partners met online for the kick-off meeting. 

Work on the 1st Project Result - VET Digital Readiness Toolkit has started!

April 2022

Progress in INTRAVET project: working on the platform and distribution of tasks/topic

11 April 2022

Today the INTRAVET partners gathered to discuss the progress on the project implementation. Malgrade Solutions presented to the consortium the status of implementation of the INTRAVET platform, while the project coordinator proposed the distribution of tasks and topics, the first activity of the Project Result 1 (VET Digital Readiness Toolkit).
INTRAVET aims to support teachers of technical disciplines to develop and adapt their training materials, focusing on their digital competencies, which are still not adequate.
INTRAVET develops innovative training content support VET providers build their capacity to respond to digitalization related challenges, by developing their competences related to strategic digital development.
INTRAVET is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training and involves 6 Partners from 4 countries (Romania, Belgium, Italy, and Poland).

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